Though she just recently celebrated her 21st birthday, the Minneapolis-based Ness Nite has already grown into one of the Midwest’s most dynamic, most irrepressible talents. Her debut, last year’s Nite Time EP, is a potent collection of soul, pop, R&B, and hip-hop that’s best described by Ness herself: “Braless, flawless.” Her first full-length project is due out later this year on the Los Angeles label POW Recordings. 

Born Vanessa Reliford, Ness grew up in Milwaukee and Chicago before moving up north to live and attend school. But before long, her studies and her day job fell by the wayside to make room for a burgeoning career that’s seen her play some of the most storied venues in the Twin Cities, and has attracted national attention. 

Where many young artists flit from focus to focus, dipping their toes in a variety of sounds and mediums, Ness has shown a unique mastery of her own style. From start to finish—production, songwriting, even engineering and writing video treatments—she takes meticulous care to ensure her vision is realized. 

In addition to her produced work, Ness boasts a magnetic live show, the kind of performance that transports an audience to a different plane. There’s little doubt that in the next handful of years, she’ll capture the imagination of those around the country (and world), all while challenging conventional wisdoms about genre, style, and life.