Jordan Raf is an LA-based singer and producer who is kind of one of those weird eccentric people you’ll meet at a party who’s shirtless and wearing a cowboy hat and even though you probably want to roll your eyes, conversation with him will charm you and you’ll want to hear his music.
— Noisey

Jordan Raf is a Los Angeles-based art student at UCLA. Like every artist worth a damn, he hates being compared to other musicians, but he's not going to pretend that this isn't part of the game. So fine, he's a cross between Grizzly Bear and Shlohmo or Oneohtrix Point Never and early My Morning Jacket. Or How To Dress Well if How to Dress Well Actually Had Talent. He plays the guitar, produces his own music, sings like a bird and has done enough damage to his liver and kidneys by the age of 21 to deserve a congressional medal of valor. The only thing he takes seriously is his music. Everything else is a joke -- as it should be.