...sits so comfortably and skillfully amongst his influences that he already feels like their peer
— Pitchfork

Chester Watson is cooler than you ever were at 18. Preternaturally talented at rapping and sharp enough to mastermind a cohesive sound while he was still in high school, the weed smoking, kick-flipping leader of the Nu Age Crew just makes it look easy.

Think blunted, jazzy loop equal parts MF Doom and Madlib and verses that combine Earl Sweatshirt’s verbal gymnastics to underground calm, and most of all – vibes for days. There’s an intangible quality to his music -- a hazy calm unique to that moment in life where you’re discovering yourself but no one else knows yet, when you’re just another kid going to school on the outside but a rhyming superhero waiting to happen on the inside.

This is the soundtrack to summer nights spent discovering weed, of long days skirting responsibility and of dark nights huddled around a computer obsessively downloading rap tunes and samples. It’s rap devoid of celebrity – made by a kid for the sake of self-expression, of having fun, and to process all the crazy shit that’s happening in his life. In other words, it’s Hip-Hop in its purest form; it’s also the start of something amazing.


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